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‘Why not a barrage?’

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With the State government deciding to build a new regulator across the Kollidam at Upper Anicut — after the collapse of a portion of the existing one — a section of farmers’ representatives have suggested that the new structure be built as a barrage.

“The new structure can be designed just as the Mayanur barrage across the Cauvery with capacity to store about one thousand million cubic feet (tmc) of water,” said Ayilai Sivasuriyan, district secretary, Tamil Nadu Vivasayigal Sangam.

While the decision to build a new regulator has come as relief to farmers, the new structure should be designed to be useful for all, he added.

A barrage will help store water during the non-Mettur season, after the reservoir is closed for irrigation on the usual date of January 23 every year.

The sources of several drinking water schemes, including those of the Ramanathapuram combined drinking water scheme, are located near Tiruchi. They need a couple of wetting during summer every year to sustain water supply. If some water was stored at Mukkombu, it can be used for the purpose.

Similarly, the water can also be used for crop requirements in Ayyan, Peruvalai, Puduvathalai and Ramavathalai canals.

It will also help recharge the watertable for a radius of 10 km around Mukkombu.

The barrage can also serve as a two-lane bridge connecting the Tiruchi-Salem and Tiruchi-Karur highways and help reduce traffic in Tollgate area in Tiruchi, Mr. Sivasuriyan listed out.


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