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Artists rue lack of art appreciation culture in city

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According to prominent artists and experts, the city is yet to warm up to art appreciation, exploration and experimentation.
During the 11-day art exhibition on ‘Mother Teresa- The true spirit of service’ which was inaugurated on March 10 at Leaders Choice Art Gallery in Trichy, the artists discussed the scenario for art and artists in the city.
With the objective to motivate people by showcasing artworks of life-inspiring incidents of Mother Teresa, the ongoing exhibition features various genres of art including pop art, impressionism, abstract art, realism and hyper-realism by six different artists.
“I feel that in Tamil Nadu – and especially in Trichy -- we are yet to move beyond the genre of realism when it comes to art,” claimed director at Leaders Choice Art Gallery, Hermon Carduz.
He went on to add that the general public has the perception that only realism art is true art. “Ever since the invention of photography, which predominantly focuses on realism, art has moved to other genres. But people and Trichy mostly have not,” Carduz, who is the head of the department of French at St Joseph’s College said.

But he stated that the response for the ongoing exhibition was good. “Owing to great response, we’re even planning to extend the exhibition beyond the scheduled last day. Already, there have been 350 visitors to this exhibition,” mentioned Carduz, whose 27 artworks are on display in the ongoing exhibition.
On the other hand, prominent artist Chandru, who inaugurated the exhibition, stated that the commercialisation of art was serving as a major hindrance for art appreciation in the country. “This has resulted in every artist being labeled as a ‘specialist in a so-called genre’ and a price is put to their works – it has resulted in people just focusing on the monetary value rather than getting pleasure out of only observing it,” the former principal of Government of Fine Arts, Chennai, said.
Meanwhile, artist Eugene D’Vaz, whose works were featured at the Mother Teresa exhibition, claimed, “I’ve been painting for close to 60 years and it’s sad that the response for art exhibitions in Trichy is very less in comparison to other cities,” he said. Art, as a part of interior décor, is still not a part of culture among people in and around Trichy, D'Vaz added.

D’Vaz, former professor at St Joseph’s College, also said that the educational institutions do not take enough initiatives to conduct events or talks about art. Carduz, though, appreciated schools across Trichy for conducting art competitions almost every month.


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