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Selfie point set up at Mainguard Gate

Youngsters taking selfie in Tiruchi.

The Tiruchi Corporation has set up a selfie point near Mainguard gate as part of its city beautification initiative.

The selfie point, illuminated with bright lights bearing the words ‘I Love Tiruchi’ has been set up near the Mainguard Gate on West Boulevard Road.

The aim is to evoke a feeling of oneness with the city. If people begin feeling that the city is theirs, littering and defacing public property will come down, said N. Ravichandran, City Corporation Commissioner.

The location has been decorated by The Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation at a cost of ₹ 20 lakhs. Similar landmarks will be identified for development of more such spots. Apart from adding beauty and colour, the spots which will be located near places of pride for the city will garner more tourists, he said. The location which was thrown open to the public this week has many takers. Traffic police stationed at the Mainguard gate, however, complain that the spot could hinder the smooth flow of traffic especially as there is no parking space near it.

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