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Highways seeks space at Tiruchendurai temple

A view of Tiruchi - Karur bypass road near Tiruchendurai temple.M. SrinathM_SRINATH

The State Highways Department is likely to approach the HR & CE Department with a request for freeing space in Tiruchendurai temple for expansion of the stretch from Kudamuruti bridge to Tirupparaithurai on the Tiruchi-Karur highway. The compound wall of the temple appears to be protruding causing obstruction to the view of motorists at a dangerous curve along the stretch.

According to sources, there is an inner compound wall for the temple and hence the space in between could be utilised for widening the road.

The stretch from Mukkombu to Kudamuruti bridge has been the only weak link in the otherwise strongly-laid road for many years now.

Though the 12-km stretch running along the banks of the Cauvery river was narrow, Highways officials say there is still a possibility to convert it into a two-lane road with paved shoulders.

At present, there is no scope for heavy vehicles to overtake one another. Vehicles coming from Karur to Pettavaithalai along the widened road take substantial time to pass through the 12-km stretch.

According to an official of the Highways Department, the discomfort of the motorists could be remedied by increasing the breadth of the road in the stretch from seven metres to a little more than 10 metres. The Department is awaiting the State Governments nod for the Rs. 30 crore proposal it has sent for the purpose.


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