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Team begins study to finalise design of new regulator across Coleroon

On a war footing:Restoration work is progressing fast at the site of the damaged regulator at Mukkombu near Tiruchi.M. Srinath

A 10-member team from the Plan Formulation Wing of the Public Works Department (PWD) has begun a study at Mukkombu (Upper Anicut) to finalise the design of the new regulator across the Coleroon, where a portion of a 182-year-old brick masonry bridge was washed away last week following heavy discharge of water.

Travelling on a country boat in the Coleroon, where about 13,000 cusecs was flowing through the damaged portion of the regulator, the team, led by PWD Chief Engineer, Project Formation, Selvaraj, carried out a ground and soil study downstream of Mukkombu. The team members, split into different groups, studied the field condition to finalise the alignment of the new barrage. The characteristics of surface and subsurface flows, dimensions of the barrage components, the crest level, the downstream floor length and the gradient level were also studied.

The team also collected details about the 1924, 1977 and 2005 floods. While the study of the northern arm of the Coleroon was complete, the team continued the ground study for the second day on Monday. The heavy flow of water in the river was said to be hindering the study, forcing the officials to engage boats to carry out the task.

The new barrage across the southern arm of the Coleroon would run 680 meters in length and 4.6 meters in width. The length of the northern arm would be 145 meters.

An official said the study would be completed in five days. A report would be submitted for finalising the design of the structure. The Detailed Project Report (DPR) would be prepared after finalising the structural design. Considering the urgency of the project, the State government would soon accord administrative sanction for it.

Meanwhile, temporary restoration work, involving the erection of a ring bund using sand bags, was progressing apace at the regulator.


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