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Ahead of monsoon, desilting of canals begins

The drainage canal being cleaned on Madurai Road in Tiruchi on Sunday.M. SrinathM_SRINATH

In order to prevent flood in the city during Northeast monsoon, which is expected to set in about six weeks time, the Tiruchi City Corporation has started desilting important canals.

Close on the heels of full storage level at the Mettur dam, which is expected to maintain good storage level in the forthcoming weeks too, the officials expect that water flow in the rivers and irrigation channels will be maintained until December and January. Under such circumstances, the rainy season may pose tough time to officials to prevent flood in low-lying areas and residential colonies.

As many as 30 canals including major storm and drainage have been identified for dredging, which is aimed at clearing the silt along them so as to ensure free flow of water during the monsoon period and to prevent water stagnation in low-lying and residential areas.

N. Ravichandran, Special Officer - cum - Corporation Commissioner, told The Hindu that an elaborate scheme had been prepared to prevent flooding in low-lying areas. All vulnerable areas, which witnessed water logging in 2005 and 2013 floods, have been identified. Similarly, the reasons for flooding has also been studied.

Based on the implications of 2005 and 2013 floods, a scheme had been designed to desilt the canals. As many as 30 major storm and drainage canals in Srirangam, Golden Rock, Ariyamangalam and K. Abishekapuram zones would be dredged during the drive.

It had been decided to use earthmovers to clear silt in the canals which were wide and manual workers in canals, which were narrow. All vulnerable canals that often clogged during the rainy season have been included in the project.

Kottai Vaical on Karur Bypass Road, Rettai Vaical at Varaganeri on Thanjavur road and Nattu Vaical in Thiruvanaikoil were among the canals listed for dredging. The officials had been asked to clear silt at inlet and outlet points of various canals. The encroachments if any along the canals would be removed to ensure free flow of water.

All desilting and dredging works would be completed within 15 days.

All vulnerable areas, which witnessed water logging in 2005 and 2013 floods, have been identified

N. Ravichandran

Special Officer- cum- Corporation Commissioner


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