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St Joseph's College bans smart phones on campus

ST JOSEPH'S College (SJC) has barred students from using smartphones on the campus citing 'disciplinary reasons'. While teachers approve the move, post-graduate students are aghast and say the going would be tough without smartphones, as it would be difficult to access Internet for studies and research. While educational institutions across the world are insisting students go digital, SJC at an open forum with student representatives and staff came out against the use of smartphones as they were addictive and distracting students from class work. Rolled out this month, the iniiative asks teachers to keep re-minding students not to use smartphones on campus. 

Decision condemned The move to ban camera mobiles was trolled heavily by a Facebook page named 'SJC memes'. Reacting to this, Principal Andrew said that it is an indirect way of communication from students to the management to withdraw the move.

The campus, being Wi-Fi-friendly, has given an option to use laptops instead of smarlphones. A research student said, "The rule does not allow us to get information on our syllabus. We have been told to use computer labs for free apart from class hours." Associate professor S Sahaya Sathish said, "Students are reading less mainly due to smart-phones and they click photos of notes without writing them down. This leads to degradation in the quality of the education and takes away from reading and learning skills." He noted explicit content is also being shared through smartphones which has a negative effect on students. Principal F Andrew told Ex-press the move was an effort to make students more disciplined. "Parents of wards would be sensitised at a parent-teacher meet-ing in January on this initiative. We are not against smartphones, as they can be used in hostel rooms." With 6,500 students studying at SJV in two shifts, the college management has planned on surprise checks to monitor students.
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