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Heritage walk throws light on architectural marvel of Trichy temples

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A heritage walk to impart knowledge on inscription reading techniques and to comprehend the intricate work in chiseling sculptures was held at Srirangam and Thiruvellarai temples on Sunday. Participated by as many as 60 history enthusiasts including IT professionals from all over south India, the event saw retired state archaeology department officials giving details about the architectures of centuries old temples, water bodies, and stone inscriptions.
Organised by the Cholamandala Varalatru Thedal Kuzhu (panel dedicated in searching historical reminiscences of Chola region), the heritage walk commenced at Sri Ranganthaswamy temple in Srirangam on Sunday morning. The participants hailing from Palakkad, Chennai, Guntur, and also Trichy were detailed about the physical characteristics of Srirangam temple's Rajagopuram and the methodology involved in its construction. "We need to ensure that the coming generations get authentic information about the historical monuments. Several youths are interested in learning about the history behind the monuments and for them such heritage walks will be helpful to acquire the knowledge," said Sthapathy V Raman, a retired archaeologist with state archaeology department guiding the participants.
The participants were told about the skills and techniques involved in reading stone inscriptions of various dynasties including Pallava kingdom. Swasthik tank in Thiruvellarai, a tank built in the shape of Swasthik in 8th century at the south west corner of the temple to tap rain water, was also visited by them. The tank with four entrances, each facilitated with 52 steps, had few stone inscriptions speaking about the water conservation habit of ancient rulers by establishing water bodies at required places. "There was a stone inscription which insisted the people not to procrastinate taking good initiatives. The Pallava period inscriptions in Thiruvellarai even spoke about the importance of desiring to do good for the public," Raman added.
Meanwhile, R Kabilan, employed in hotel management attending the heritage walk said, "Even for many of the Trichy based participants; history shared by the guides on Thiruvellarai temple was completely new. Instead of just seeing the temples as religious center, we have to broaden our perspective and see the same as tool to learn about ancient civilizations." Chiseling works and techniques involved in making intricate carvings of stone sculptures and joining of the pillars of mandapams found at both Srirangam and thirvellarai temples  were explained by the retired archaeologist.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/madurai/heritage-walk-throws-light-on-architectural-marvel-of-trichy-temples/articleshow/61522673.cms

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