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District central library asks readers to donate rare books, documents, scripts

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Trichy district central library has come out with a scheme of adding colors to its collection with the donation of rare books, documents and palm scripts from people and private organisations of the city in order to preserve them for the future generation. The library has also planned to scan the materials which the people were unwilling to donate.
In addition to the announcement of Tamil Nadu government to collect and preserve the rare collection of books, district central library has asked the people of the city to donate the old books that have become unavailable in the market now and photographs of the historical incidents and ancient cities to the library.
"Being a state government scheme, it is aimed at protecting many invaluable materials of poets, authors, historians of ancient times.
"In many houses, the children might have no idea about the treasure in the books used by their forefathers. They would usually destroy them as if they are scrap items. We ask them to bring such things to us and we will preserve them so that the future generation will get to know about them," said district library officer A P Sivakumar on Sunday.

The scheme also gave an option to those who were unwilling to donate the rare collections to the library. They can just give the original collection to the library which will scan them completely and store them on the computer as softcopies.
"We may either give the softcopy through electronic devices to the readers or can give it as hardcopy by printing them in future," said Sivakumar.
The library which had a collection of 1.25 lakhs books on various topics both in Tamil and English have around 1,000 visitors including children, women, job aspirants and visually-challenged people.
People and the private organisations interested in donating the collections can meet the library officer at the district central library in West Boulevard road and contact them at 0431-2702242.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/madurai/district-central-library-asks-readers-to-donate-rare-books-documents-scripts/articleshow/61522841.cms

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