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Beggers force motorists to jump traffic signal near HPO

Image result for Head Post office trichy signalAS if police do not have enough to deal with in the form of traf-fic violations and accidents, a new problem has cropped up with transgenders and beggars asking for money on the roads off the Head Post Office (HPO) in Cantonment area. The beg-gars have become a nuisance for commuters. Many have com-plained that particularly at night, transgenders have been seeking alms from motorists at the HPO traffic signal and near Karur Bypass Road. Their aggression has caused many to jump traffic lights to escape harassment.

Speaking to Express, R Vadivelu, a resident of TVS Toll Gate, said, "Mostly after 8 pm, transgenders have been thronging the Bharathidasan Road stretch of HPO signal. Though they are not abusive to motorists, begging at a busy area like HPO can be prevented by law enforcement personnel." Motorists passing through the HPO signal claim transgenders arrive on two-wheelers and pester drivers and passengers for handouts. Since traffic policemen do not man the signal late in the evenings, commuters said not only transgenders, but hawkers and the differently abled have a free run seeking alms from motorists waiting for the red light to turn green. Locals said even as LED screens highlighting road safety awareness' have been set up at the signal, the nuisance of trans-genders has been continuing for the past few weeks. Another motorist recently complained a drunk man had abused him.
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