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Cauvery bridge is no parking zone

A caution board put up by the city police warns two-wheelers and four-wheelers not to park on the Cauvery bridge in Tiruchi.

Due to increase in flow of water in the river, the bridge has become a favourite hangout spot
The City Police has prohibited vehicle users from parking their motorised vehicles on the Cauvery bridge to prevent accidents and ensure free flow of traffic.

Caution boards have been put up at different spots along the bridge informing the public that the bridge is a no-parking zone.

The police have also warned of initiating action as per law if motorists continue to park their vehicles along the bridge that links Srirangam with the city.

The Cauvery bridge has always been a favourite hangout spot for many residents, especially in the evening and night, to enjoy the cool breeze amid the traffic buzz.

With increased flow of Cauvery water witnessed recently, the number of visitors to the bridge has swelled. They park their vehicles on the bridge.

Cashing on the crowd, vendors too put up push carts selling ice creams and snacks, further shrinking the road space on either side.

Parking of motorcycles and cars, besides push carts, along the bridge makes it difficult for motorists to manoeuvre, said the police.

As per rules, vehicles should not be parked not only on Cauvery bridge but on any bridge, said a senior police officer. Cases are being booked against violators, added another officer.

Parking of vehicles along the bridge witnessing heavy density of traffic is found to pose danger to many motorists as it shrinks the existing road space which can lead to accidents.

Hence, it has been decided to install boards to caution vehicle users against parking their vehicles along the bridge, said the officer.


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