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Happy Streets proving to be the ideal programme during summer vacation

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The eighth programme of Happy Streets, which was held at Race Course Road near Anna Stadium at Khajamalai from 6 am to 9 am on Sunday, proved to be a treat for Trichiites as it featured a potpourri of varied events and contests that included awareness talks, fitness sessions, unique exhibitions and more. Times of India, with the support of Trichy Corporation and Trichy City Police, kick-started Happy Streets programme at Thillai Nagar 10th Cross Street (west) on February 25.
The participants felt that the programme, which was held on Sunday, was one of the best among the lot because amidst entertainment and recreation it also proved to be an eye-opener of sorts for them.
One such session was a talk by two volunteers from ‘Citizens for Uyyakondan’ – Manoj Dharmar and K Kumarappan – who spoke to the crowd about how important it is for the general public to join hands and engage in the cleanup of Uyyakondan canal.
Citizens for Uyyakondan, is a collective banner under which people from various walks of life have been conducting Uyyakondan canal cleanup drive every Sunday since January.
Speaking at the Happy Streets session, Dharmar urged the participants to also volunteer for the cleanup drive. “We started with a handful of members but we’ve got around 150 volunteers now. We would like to have all likeminded enthusiasts to join hands and help us with the mission,” he requested the crowd.
A few participants stated that they would lend their support for the drive, including the founder of and president of Tiruchirappalli Notaphily Society, P Vijayakumar, who conducted the coin and currency exhibition, for the fourth week in a row.
Another very interesting activity, which was conducted during the programme was a unique yoga session, which was based on the martial art form Kalaripayattu. The martial art form, which originated as a style in Kerala, is said to be one of the oldest fighting systems, and the postures that were thought to the people during the session, was a blend of Kalaripayattu, yoga, and ayurveda.
Mansa Yoga Studio Trichy, organised the session and its managing director, Manoj Achariya, heaped praises on Happy Streets for providing a platform for people to learn various fitness techniques. “A programme like Happy Streets has also given a good wakeup call for people on why they should take their health seriously,” he said.
Since the summer vacation has started for school students, the number of children taking part in Happy Streets has also increased this week. “My children are very happy that they now get to spending Sundays at this programme during summer holidays,” a participant, M S Mani, said.
Participants were all smiles during the tug-of-war contest, in which the men’s and boy’s team and women’s and girl’s team competed.
The Happy Streets initiative will be conducted on every Sunday over the course of next four weeks in Trichy from 6 am to 9 am.
Vox pop:
Diego Bressan
I am from Italy and a concept like Happy Streets is prominent across Europe. I attended Happy Streets for the first time on Sunday and I relished the experience.

R Himanshu
I loved the dance session very much. It was fun to compete with others in the dance contest that was conducted.
R Sri Harishini
Happy Streets had so many competitions for kids and I participated in almost all of the events.

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