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Soon, another gym

Residents will soon get another facility to improve their fitness at the walkers track along Anna Nagar Link Road in the city. Tiruchi Corporation is setting up an open gym at one end of the track for the benefit of fitness freaks.

Of late, the bicycle track and walking track along Anna Nagar link road in the city is attracting a large number of walkers, thanks to less traffic and more safety. The track was primarily laid to promote non-motorised transport mainly bicycle. It has now become a full-fledged walking track.

They have so far utilised the track mainly for brisk and leisure walking. The walkers will soon have a facility for physical exercise with fitness equipment at the open gym.

The gym will come up on the space available at the end of walking path on Anna Nagar link road. It will be the third open gym in the city. The Corporation has already commenced works on open gym, which is expected mainly to be women and elder friendly.

“On an average, around 300 persons do brisk and leisure walk on the track, mainly in the evening. The open gym will be a hit even if 20% to 30 % of walkers use the fitness equipment,” says N. Ravichandran, Commissioner cum Special Officer, Tiruchi Corporation.


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