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Passengers asked to report 2 hours before flight

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The Airport Authority of India and the Airlines Operators Committee have appealed to the air travellers departing from Trichy International Airport to report two hours prior to their departure time in order to avert last minute confusion and also to avail better service.
Flying has not yet become a commoner's transport and many passengers, flying the first time, may face minor problems during the course of check-in process at the airport terminal before boarding the flights, airline operators said.
“Though the check-in counters for domestic flights close 45 minutes before scheduled time of departure and counters for international flights close 60 minutes prior to departure, it is advised that to avoid inconvenience, passengers need to report two hours before the scheduled departure of flight ”, the chairman of Airlines Operators Committee, S Suresh said.

Most of the passengers arrive at the counters just 20 minutes prior to the departure time. Though they have all the documents promptly, due to various reasons it would get delayed to clear each and every passenger, as a limited number of counters are there at the airport, he said.
“Most of the times airline operators are clueless, as we are not provided with the passenger's contact numbers when they book their tickets through agencies. It prevents them to get the intimation of cancellation or delay through mobile messages sent by the airlines. When dealing with the first time travellers, we have to spend more time to clear their trip”, he added.
So, it is necessary for the passengers to turn up at the airport two hours prior to their departure time, he further said.
They have also commenced a campaign at the airport by putting a banner on the terminal to pursue to the passengers to turn up on time to avoid delayed departure of flights or denial of travel due to non-completion of required checking of passengers, documents and their baggage at airports.

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