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Vigilance means certainty of good governance

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Competitions in essay writing, drawing, debates and elocution were conducted in educational institutions as part of the Vigilance Awareness Week at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited.

In tune with this year's theme: 'My Vision - Corruption-free India', the events centered around the topic: ‘What needs to be done to eliminate corruption?’.

Addressing the valedictory session on Saturday, R. Rajamanohar, Executive Director, BHEL Tiruchi Complex, said vigilance meant certainty of good governance as well, alongside curbing corruption.

There was a pressing need to form robust governance framework which could address complexities in the challenging business environment, said Mr. Rajamanohar, who is also Executive Director of Power Plant Piping Unit, Thirumayam, and Piping Centre, Chennai.

Speaking on transparency and fairness in dealing with stake holders, Mr. Rajamanohar said BHEL has been simplifying company policies, vendor registration procedures, reverse auction guidelines, and personnel manuals to provide more scope and flexibility in performing tasks.

Role models

While the responsibility for raising the standard of integrity of the company vests with every employee, top-level managers have an added responsibility of turning into role models.

The managers ought to create the ethical climate, and appreciate and encourage their subordinates to find new and alternative methods of performing tasks, he said.

Mr. Rajamanohar honoured prize-winners in the presence of K. Ganesan, GM - Vigilance, BHEL.


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