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Issues in segregating waste come to the fore

A SECTION of residents in Karumandapam is threatening to dis-pose of their waste on roads or in Corporation dumpsters if free bins are not provided to individual homes by the civic body. Even as the city Corporation has been strict in asking the public to fol-low the correct waste segregation process to keep the city clean and make workers' job easy, many residents ignore the rules under various pretexts. "If we ask residents to keep dry and wet garbage separately, they argue they want the Corporation to provide them with free bins so they can follow rules. Many become highly abusive and throw garbage at our feet and leave.

They even say they lack the time and energy to adhere to such rules," said a Kartunandabarn sanitation worker. The Corporation has been sending out constant awareness messages and methods to segregate waste to keep the city free of filth. Minivans go around the city playing messages highlighting the need to segregate waste and the imposition of a fine of !10 on residents and ! 50 on shops if rules are not followed. People are urged to separate dry and wet waste. The wet waste is turned to manure and given free to members of the pubic if they need it. "Today, we had 20 to 25 residents ask for free bins in IOP Na-gar and Ashok Nagar East and West.

Garbage bags most of the times contain glass, sharp objects and unwrapped sanitary napkins. If people segregate the waste and give us the garbage, we can directly send it for processing," said S.Radha (name changed) a Kartunandabam sanitation worker. In a pilot project earlier this year, corporations of many States announced free bins would be distributed to encourage people to segregate waste. Apparently, people would follow the rules only if freebies are provided by the government. "The segregation process is sometimes very tedious. We pay all the necessary charges to the government so why should I be bothered with all this," argued Seetha (name changed).
Source: epaper. newindianexpress. com//c/22632687 

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