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Trash from Gandhi Market may slow down land reclamation

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TRICHY: While the corporation is in the process of reclaiming the waste land in Ariyamangalam for constructive use, it is learnt that a portion of waste being generated at Gandhi Market in the city is still ferrying to the dump yard. Every new batch of waste to the dump yard is likely to slow down the land reclamation process.

The nine-acre Gandhi Market has been producing around 35 MT of waste a day. Since the market is not covered under a particular micro compost centre (MCC), a portion of waste from the market is being sent to 2-3 MCCs of Trichy City Corporation. Even then, the civic body officials are forced to send at least 20 MT of waste from the market to Ariyamangalam dump yard every day. Apart from the waste from the market, officials said that a portion of waste from a few wards not covered under the MCCs is also being dumped at the Ariyamangalam yard every day. According to sources, the accumulation of waste would only delay the bio-mining project.

As a solution, the corporation sources said a proposal is on cards to establish an exclusive MCC for the Gandhi Market. “Establishing an exclusive MCC for Gandhi Market is the only solution to prevent waste from reaching the dump yard. We are in the process to achieve it,” an official source with Trichy City Corporation said. The civic body sources added that efforts are under way to identify a suitable land for setting up five additional MCCs to cover all the 65 wards under the decentralized waste management system. As of now, around 55 wards are covered under the decentralized waste management practice.

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