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Subway coming up near Ponmalai railway station

A limited use subway being constructed between Ponmalai and Tiruverumbur near Tiruchi on Thursday.

A subway in lieu of a manned level crossing is under construction between Ponmalai and Tiruverumbur railway stations near here.

Civil works are apace at the spot using earthmovers near Ponmalai railway station with pre-cast boxes being used in the subway construction on the Tiruchi - Thanjavur section.

Railway officials said the subway would come up to a length of around 25 metres covering all three tracks. Sixteen pre-cast boxes would be placed below the tracks as part of construction work.

The work is being taken up at a cost of ₹ 5.13 crore, without causing any hindrance to movement of rail services. A senior official said even heavy vehicles could pass through the subway. After placement of pre-cast boxes, the work of laying approach road on either sides would be taken up.

Officials hope to complete the entire work in two to three months. Another subway would come up at Tondamanpatti on the Tiruchi - Thanjavur section.

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