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Permission for renal transplant at GH

In a significant step, the Director of Medical Services (DMS) has issued licence to Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital, attached to K.A.P. Viswanatham Medical College in the city, for performing renal transplantation.

The medical college had sent a detailed proposal to the DMS, seeking permission to carry out organ transplantation. After studying the infrastructure at the Departments of Urology and Nephrology and the demand of patients, the DMS has granted licence, sources told The Hindu.

Having received the licence, the hospital has focused its attention on fine-tuning the operation theatres, pre and post operative care, organ screening facilities, among other things.

There are two operation theatres on the third floor of the new block at MGMGH, where the departments of urology and nephrology are located. It has sufficient independent rooms for pre and post operative care of patients.

When contacted, S. Saradha, Dean, K.A.P. Viswanatham Medical College, who assumed office recently, told The Hindu that she was looking to conduct the first renal transplantation surgery in the hospital, which had all necessary facilities.

“Renal transplantation is certainly possible as we have all required facilities. What we need is fine-tuning of the system. We can expect the first renal transplantation in Tiruchi Government Hospital soon,” Dr. Saradha said.



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