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Widening the Tiruchy-Karur highway in three months

THE State Highways department is awaiting approval fro the Tamil Nadu government to widen the Tiruchy-Karur highway. The proposal for the Rs 73 crore project has been submitted by the State Highways to the government. It would be a challenging task for Highways officials to carry out the widening works without disturbing alignment of railway tracks, as also alter the Cauvery river bund. According to the officials, the works on road widen-ing is said to be taken from Kambarasampettai to Thirupparaithurai. The decision to widen the Tiruchy-Karur road was necessitated after a series of fatal and non-fatal accidents in that stretch. Because the lane is narrow, heavy and light motor
vehicle drivers find it difficult to negotiate the stretch. Also, the stretch is not lit up putting motorists ro inconvenience, especially during rainy season.

Confirming the developments to Express, district collector K Rajamani said the proposal to widening the road has been submitted and that the department was awaiting a nod from the government. Rajamani added that the estimate increased over a pe-riod of time owing to the widen-ing works that have been taken over in the stretch. He said, 'A new bridge would have to be constructed in Kudamurutti at a cost of fib crores. This helps to reduce the traffic congestion in the area. By the lines, the road from Kambarasampettai to Thiruparayathurai would be widened at a cost of Rs 58 crores. This meant no harm to the already laid railway track running parallel to the road and the Cauvery rivet" When asked on the time it is likely ro get the green signal for the project, the collector said, "If everything goes as planned, the project would be sanctioned three months," he added.
Estimate revised from t40 crore According to sources, the works will be carded out under the Central Roads Fund (CRF) scheme. The estimate has been revised from Rs 40 crore.
source epaper.newindianexpress.com/c/35098642 

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