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Tiruchi Corporation to replace conventional bulbs with LEDs

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In a significant move to save energy, the Tiruchi Corporation has decided to replace all conventional bulbs with LEDs in the city.

It will be implemented under the Smart City Initiative at a cost of Rs. 23.40 crore. The tender process of inviting companies to execute the project has been completed. The Corporation, which is on the process of evaluating the efficiency and financial strength of the companies, which had submitted tender documents, is expected to give work order to the successful bidder shortly.

While Rs. 8.70 crore has been earmarked for implementing the project in Area Based Development (ABD) areas, Rs. 14.70 crore will be spent in rest of ABD areas. The project will cover all 65 wards.

As per the project, the Corporation will replace 8264 Compact Florescent Lights and Metal Halide Lights with LED ones in street lights. The project will have three components.

There are 5237 electricity poles, which have 250 Watts of different conventional bulbs, mostly CFL. All of them will be replaced with 90W LED bulbs. Though it is 160W less than the existing bulbs, the brightness of LED will be the same, said N. Ravichandran, Corporation Commissioner.

In the second component, 2655 existing lights on poles owned by the Corporation will be replaced with 120W LED lights. Third component is for replacing Compact Florescent Lights and Metal Halide Lights on high mast lamps. They have 400W of lights. They will be replaced with 200W LEDs.

Mr. Ravichandran said that the street lights consumed 86.38 lakh units per yeaqr in the city. The energy consumption would come down to 34.72 lakh after fitting with LEDs. It meant that the Corporation would save 51.65 lakh units.

It would enable the Corporation to save Rs. 3.28 crore per year. The return of investment would be 7.13 years.


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