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Solar power plant to be set up at Panchapur

The Tiruchi Corporation has decided to set up 2.4 MW solar power plant at Panchapur on the outskirts of the city.

It will come up on 13.75 acres of Corporation land near sewage treatment plant. The project, which will be part of Smart City Initiative, will cost Rs. 12.50 crore. On completion, it will be one among very few civic bodies in the country to produce solar energy.

“It is an an ambitious project as it will pave the way for switching over to clean energy from conventional energy,” Corporation Commissioner N. Ravichandran, said on Wednesday. He said the feasibility study had found Panchapur highly suitable for the plant. In a year, the area would have high level of solar energy for about 320 days. The radiant light and heat from sun could be harnessed by setting up of solar panels.

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Mr. Ravichandran said that tender had been floated for setting up plant. The last date to submit tender would be December 19. It has been planned to complete the project within six to eight months. On completion, energy produced from the plant would be connected with the power grid at M.G.R. Nagar in Edamalaipattipudur.

An agreement would be signed with the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco) for connecting with the power grid. The energy would be adjusted with the High Tension power consumption of the Corporation.

According to an estimate, the Tiruchi Corporation pays Rs. 27 crore a year to the Tangedco on account of power consumption to various utilities such as pumping stations, street lights, offices and others.

Of this, Rs. 14 crore is spent for supplying water from its pumping stations and overhead tanks. Once it starts generating solar energy, the power bill is expected to come down to Rs. 24.70 crore thereby saving Rs. 2.23 crore a year.


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