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LCVs to take over garbage collection

Corporation workers collecting waste using a light commercial vehicle in Tiruchi on Thursday.M. MoorthyM_Moorthy

Commissionerate of Municipal Administration (CMA) has embarked upon a project to bring about total mechanisation of primary garbage collection in all corporations and municipalities including .

A sum of Rs. 248 crore has been sanctioned for the project, which is aimed at improving the efficiency of door-to-door garbage collection. As per the plan, the State government will procure Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), which can be operated on small roads, narrow lanes and congested commercial areas, for all corporations and municipalities.

G. Prakash, Commissioner of Municipal Administration, told The Hindu that the project would eliminate all types of pushcarts in municipalities and corporation. They would be replaced by battery operated vehicles (BOV) and light commercial vehicles (LCV). A sum of Rs. 140 crore would be spent for procuring 2100 LCVs and it would cost Rs. 108 crore for purchasing 6,000 battery operated vehicles.

Of them, 2,000 vehicles have already been procured. Similarly, about 1,000 LCVs have also been purchased. Several of them have been put into use for primary garbage collection in different parts of the State.

“Sanitary workers are our torch bearers of cleanliness and environment. There is a need to reduce the workload of sanitary workers. Introduction of light commercial vehicles and battery operated vehicles will not only bring down their work burden but also transform the primary garbage collection scenario in the State,” Mr. Prakash said.

He said that the project would make a positive change in the lifestyle of sanitary workers and transform their job into a dignified one. Battery operated vehicles could be operated along tiny roads and congested commercial lanes. The fuel bill of civic bodies could be brought down to a great extent as they were operated by rechargeable batteries.

Mr. Prakash said 170 light commercial vehicles have been bought for Tiruchi Corporation and each ward has been allotted a vehicle each. As far as other civic bodies were concerned, more than 50% of vehicles have been procured. Steps have been expedited to purchase remaining vehicles as quickly as possible. All municipalities and corporations would abolish pushcarts for primary collection of garbage by December-end, he added.


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