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Trial run of express trains at 120km/Hr between Trichy and Villupura

திருச்சி-விழுப்புரம் இடையே 120 கிலோ மீட்டர் வேகத்தில் ரெயிலை இயக்கி சோதனை

Currently the Electro - locomatives are used for express and passenger trains are being operated on the electrified two-tier rail track between Trichy and Villupuram. For express trains, Trichy-Villupuram is operated at a speed of 110 km from 80 km. The Railway administration has decided to increase the speed of the train at Trichy-Villupuram on the two-tier rail track. Maximum express trains are scheduled to run at speeds of up to 120 km. The test drive took place yesterday. At 9.15 am, the started the trial run between Tirchy and Villupuram with thre coaches.The Railway Divisional Secretariat officials traveled in the train. They check if there a vibration on the rails at this speed of 120 km?

The detailed report would be send to the Railway administration. The express train will then be allowed to run at 120 km / h. The railway circuit yesterday reported that the test run was successful.

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