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Now, classic bus passengers can travel with more comfort

A view of the interior of the new SETC bus.M. Srinath

Elderly passengers from Tiruchi who prefer to travel to Chennai in State Express Transport Corporation (SETC) classic buses are a relieved lot.

Two old SETC buses, introduced in 2013 when Srirangam constituency was represented by late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, have been replaced with new ones that offer greater passenger comfort and ameneities.

The new buses, inducted last week, have seats of better ergonomic comfort, phone chargers, toilet with more privacy, and other user-friendly features. Reservations are made online.

The buses operated in the morning (8 a.m. from Central Bus Stand and 9 a.m. from Srirangam) and night (9.00 p.m. from Central Bus Stand and 10.00 p.m. from Srirangam) have always had full occupancy. Henceforth, there is going to be an upswing in demand, Panchamoorthy, Branch Manager of SETC Tiruchi, said.

Mostly, there is repeat patronage from elderly passengers in Srirangam suffering from diabetes. The comfort is a notch higher now. Another advantage is the non-stop service from Srirangam to Koyambedu, according to Senthil Kumar, bus driver.

There is provision for passengers using the morning service to place orders for food. Freshly cooked variety rice is supplied by a food contractor at Vikaravandi during lunch time.

The bus halts only to receive the ordered food, which the passengers consume while travelling. There is no dearth of ‘Amma’ water in the bus, the driver added.

Two of the 10 SETC classic buses are being operated between Tiruchi and Chennai and one between Dindigul and Chennai via Tiruchi.

Passengers do not mind the fact that the buses are non-airconditioned. The provision for air-conditioning was not made to prevent odour.

Water to the extent of 150 litre is replenished in a tank in Tiruchi and Koyambedu. Likewise, the sludge stored in another tank is cleaned at the depots, the crew said.

The non-stop service is another factor why the buses are well-patronised. It takes a maximum of six-and-a-half hours during the day and less than six hours during night between the two destinations, the driver pointed out.


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