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Green cover to be improved near butterfly conservatory

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The Forest department has planned to improve green cover in the buffer zone near the Tropical Butterfly Conservatory at Srirangam.

Measuring about 10 hectares, the area is being made ready for planting about 4,000 house plant seedlings to enable butterflies to lay their eggs.

The conservatory, established on 25 acres of land and sandwiched between the Cauvery and the Coleroon, houses nectar and roosting plants. Officials say house plants provide a perfect platform for butterflies to lay eggs, while nectar plants provide them feed. Roosting plants provide shelter. It will increase individual sighting of various species in the conservatory and buffer zone, and improve micro climate of the conservatory and make the entire area cooler.

The chances of butterflies laying eggs will become bright once house plants are planted during the migratory period, which coincides with the onset of the north-east monsoon.

Ever since the conservatory was established three years ago, the number of species recorded inside has witnessed a gradual rise. The number of butterfly species recorded in the conservatory was 101 till September which includes rare ones such as Blue Marmon, Southern Birdwing, Black Rajah and Common Nawab.

The conservatory has turned into a tourism spot. It has attracted 7.97 lakh visitors, including around 54,000 students, till September 2018 ever since it was thrown open to visitors in November 2015.

The revenue earned through entry of visitors is Rs. 1.08 crore since November 2015. Surveys are conducted twice a month to record new species. The department has sent a proposal seeking setting up of a solar unit to meet its power requirement.


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