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Flood, stagnation worries for Thennur high road folk

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Trichy: Contrary to what the name signifies, Thennur high road happens to be a low-lying area that has been on the brink of inundation during heavy showers for years. Since the storm water drain carrying surplus rain water and drainage is at a lower level than the Rettaivaikal canal nearby into which it has to flow, the vicinity gets flooded often. This prompts residents of Anna Nagar and Thennur high road to brace for mosquito and rodent menace every monsoon.

Situated in ward number 50 of K Abishekapuram zone, a stretch of Thennur high road — between the junction from where the Thennur RoB takes off and the dead end of the railway track — is home to commercial establishments, TNEB urban office and residential units. However, despite the presence of storm water drain on either end, Thennur high road is inundated even after a minute-long rain. Residents lamented that open storm water drains were highly inadequate to let out surplus water owing to which water stagnation was common. “There is no flow in the open storm water drain bordering Thennur high road till the Mahatma Gandhi school. Hence, mosquitoes and rodents breeding in the drains is a menace for us,” Dr V N Balakrishna Sharma, a resident of Thennur high road, said. Residents of Anna Nagar also claimed that their demand to cover the open drain had not been attended to.

Since the storm water drains are not covered, mosquitoes breeding over the stagnant water force the residents of nearby Anna Nagar to keep doors and windows shut all the time. While the stormwater drain was supposed to carry only surplus rainwater till Rettaivaikal canal located 250 metres away, drainage water is being let into the drain thus leading to stagnation near Sasthri Road junction. The other open drain opposite TNEB office remains encroached with solid waste and construction debris blocking the flow of surplus rainwater.

When contacted, Trichy corporation officials claimed that works for establishing a new drain along the service road of RoB on Thennur high road would be taken up soon at an estimated cost of Rs 6 lakh. “Since the open drain on Thennur high road lies below the level of Rettaivaikal canal where it drains, the flow of water has been hindered. We will start works soon to lay a new storm water drain to prevent water stagnation,” an official source with civic body said.


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