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Discontent brews as garbage piles up

Garbage dumped near Tiruvanaikoil temple in Tiruchi on Sunday.M. SrinathM_SRINATH

At a time when the Tiruchi City Corporation has embarked on a project to popularise home composting, discontent brews among a section of residents over the ineffective garbage collection over the last few weeks in the city.

To popularise home composting, which is being promoted as part of Swachh Bharat ranking, the Corporation conducted a couple of on-site demonstrations and an exhibition by involving the companies producing machines for home composting.

The Corporation had conducted a number of awareness programmes to spread the importance of switching over to the new practice, which would ultimately reduce the quantum of waste being taken to dump yards and micro compost yards.

Though the project has received a few takers here and there, who have set up home composting in their backyards, the residents of various areas complain that there has been slackness on garbage cleaning management since September.

It is learnt that various resident welfare associations and flat dwellers associations have been asked to set up home composting system as quickly as possible.

Since they were asked, the residents alleged that the conservancy workers have slowed down their routine work of collecting garbage collection. In some places, they collect door-to-door garbage once in three to four days.

In addition to it, there are complaints of irregular transportation of domestic garbage by light motor vehicles, which have been assigned for all 65 wards in the city.

The shortage of conservancy workers have also added to the woes.

In several areas, the Corporation depends upon the services of private workers, who collect door-to-door collection of domestic waste by charging Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 per house.

As against the required strength of 2,400 workers, the city has just about 1,500 permanent workers. It is the private conservancy workers, who come in handy in managing the situation. Of late, it is said that there is lack of coordination between the vehicle drivers and private conservancy workers in transporting the waste.

“There is definitely a slackness on door-to-door collection of garbage since August. The workers have become irregular, leading to piling of garbage along the roads and public places,” said a resident of Raja Colony in Cantonment.

Another resident said that the Corporation should not insist the residents to set up home composting.


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