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DGCA team to visit Tiruchi airport soon

The team is expected to inspect the affected area.File photo

Senior officials of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) are expected to arrive at the Tiruchi international airport soon as part of an inquiry into the recent incident wherein a Dubai-bound Air India Express flight from here hit the perimeter wall of the airport while take off but continued its journey.

The team is expected to inspect the “affected area” within the sprawling airport and have discussions with the Airports Authority of India officials here regarding the incident.

Airport sources said the team would be provided with vital field documents including the conversation between the Tiruchi Air Traffic Control and the pilot of the Air India Express Boeing flight in the early hours on Thursday when the aircraft hit antennas and the boundary wall.

New antennas

Meanwhile, a team from the Airports Authority of India arrived at the airport for restoration of the instrument landing system. A consignment of new localiser antennas has been despatched from Lucknow to Tiruchi for installation as some antennas were damaged.

Ahead of the DGCA team’s visit, the ILS team would carry out the preparatory work like working out calculations for the installation of the new antennas after obtaining clearance from the DGCA.

Airport sources added that priority was installation of the new antennas as early as possible since the weather is expected to change when the northeast monsoon sets in. However, flight operations were going on as usual at the airport with alternative arrangements in place.


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