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Corpn plans 10 more MCCs to cut waste heading to Ariyamangalam

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Trichy: In a move to further bring down the quantum of waste heading to Ariyamangalam dump yard, Trichy Corporation has planned to establish 10 more micro compost centres (MCCs) in the city. With 27 MCCs functioning, and having identified five places where civil works are under way, the civic body said that 37 MCCs is adequate to process and reuse the city’s waste without depending on the Ariyamangalam dump yard which is soon to be reclaimed for a biomining project under the Smart Cities Mission.

Sources said that Trichy Corporation through IL&FS Environmental Infrastructure & Services Limited has been processing the solid waste collected from residents to produce compost and alternative fuels for the cement factory since February 2018. However, the IL&FS operations inside the Ariyamangalam dump yard, from where the firm was processing fresh waste, have been suspended due to administrative reasons. Moreover, the civic body has been dumping waste at Ariyamangalam dump yard for one month along the existing mounds of waste. As of now, waste from as many as 17 out of the total 65 wards is heading to the dump yard. Since the process adds new waste to the dump yard, it is said that the biomining project, which is likely to begin in three months, may face uphill tasks in recovering the land.

Trichy Corporation said that alternative measures have been proposed to prevent waste from reaching Ariyamangalam by expediting installation works for five more MCCs in the city. The MCCs, a decentralised waste management mechanism, would process waste by making manure from the biodegradable waste while non-biodegradable waste would be sold to scrap dealers. “The need for dump yard can be ruled out by increasing the existing number of MCCs from 27 to 37 to cover the entire city. Works are progressing in five locations, five more spots will soon be identified,” corporation commissioner N Ravichandran said. With the city’s routine waste generation estimated at 400MT per day, close to 100MT of waste was said to be heading to Ariyamangalam dump yard in the recent past. Officials said that this can be brought down by 40-50% by bringing five more MCCs.


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