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Clean up after every show, civic body tells city cinema halls

Clean up after every show, civic body tells city cinema halls

After a spurt in H1N1 influenza cases, Tiruchi Corporation has made it compulsory for movie theatres in the city to clean and disinfect the halls after every show to prevent spread of the virus.

An urgent communication has been sent to proprietors and managements of cinema halls, underscoring the need to adopt an effective and result-oriented disinfection mechanism. Chairs, armrests, doors, handles and other surfaces that are potential H1N1 virus carriers should be disinfected after each show.

Also, canteen and toilets should be clean and neat, the communication said.

N. Ravichandran, Commissioner, Tiruchi Corporation, toldThe Hinduthat it was mandatory for theatres to follow a well-established system of disinfection of halls, canteen and toilets, which attract a large number of people every day. The managements had been asked to maintain a record of the disinfection process. Health officials would make surprise inspections to check the efficiency of the cleaning process. They had been empowered to impose fine for those failing to follow the practices regularly.

“There are cases of H1N1 influenza in the city. We have no option but to take tough measures to check the spread of the flu. The virus can be on hard surfaces such as doors, doorknobs, chairs and other places. Persons, who touch these surfaces with their hands and then touch their eyes, mouth or nose can be infected with the virus. Hence, cinema halls have been instructed to disinfect such places after every show,” Mr. Ravichandran said.

Washing hands was an effective way to prevent spread of the virus. Theatre owners had been asked to provide sufficient washing liquid for movie goers to wash their hands before leaving for their homes. Several cinema halls had begun the disinfection process.

M. Ganesh Kumar, managing partner, Mangalam cinemas, said five workers had been assigned exclusively for carrying out the disinfection process. All hard surfaces, commonly touched by movie goers, were cleaned every three hours.

Demonstrative video

Arrangements had been made to screen a demonstrative video on H1N1 influenza and preventive steps


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