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Bicycles to be promoted on campus

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To bring down the usage of motorised vehicles on the university premises, Bharathidasan University plans to set up bicycle docking stations at a couple of spots on the campus.

There are several bicycles remaining unused in the university left by students while leaving the university. There are plans to put these bicycles back into use within the university to bring down the usage of motorised vehicles by students. "We are planning to set up bicycle docking station at a couple of places. By bringing the unused bicycles to use free of cost, we can ensure it is used for commuting short distance on the university premises," said coordinator of clean and green initiative Rajesh Kannan.

These bicycles can be used to commute between departments and hostels on the 700-acre campus. There are around 4,000 students in the hostels and a majority of the female students are using bicycles."It would be a big achievement if the day scholars are made to use bicycles on the campus. National Institute of Technology Trichy could implement it," said a faculty member.


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