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VasTeK Solutions Pvt. Ltd joins sTPI

VasTeK Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an IT/ITES/Telecom services company operating from Trichy District, a city known for its Educational Institutions and popularly known as ‘Boiler’ city of India, since 2005. VasTeK’s range of offering spans Medical Billing, E-Publishing, E-Accounting, Computer Networking, Telecom Infrastructure etc.

We have strategically positioned ourselves in a smaller town of India to deliver competitive price and significant costs savings to clients. By hedging the spiraling cost of salaries and infrastructure of big cities such as Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Coimbatore, New Delhi, Hyderabad, we are able to provide competitive rates and exceptional quality to our customers.
Our BPO services have already helped companies around the world improve their customer service management. Importantly our services enable companies to concentrate on their core areas, while outsourcing their non-core areas of business to us, which in turn translates into increased productivity. Our asset, along with our state-of-the-art infrastructure, is our team . We have perhaps, the finest talents in the industry working for us.

We understand every business’s different needs and work in close association with our clients, providing them with reliable and scalable business solutions.We have an in – house quality assurance team, which enables us to maintain our international standards of quality. Such stringent commitment to the highest standards of quality has enabled us to ensure quicker turn around times.

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