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RECAL to form new chapters across globe

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RECAL (REC/NIT-Tiuchi Alumni Association) plans to form new chapters across the country and abroad to serve as facilitators of entrepreneurship.

The newly-elected president of RECAL Krishna Sai said that during 2017-18, the RECAL had established its chapters in Chennai, Bengaluru, Tiruchi, USA (East Coast and Bay Area), and New Delhi. Initiatives had been taken to form or renew new Chapters in Mumbai, Jaipur, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kochi and Hyderabad, and in the UAE and Singapore.

The decision to increase the number of Chapters was taken by RECAL at a recent meeting for election of office-bearers for 2018-2020.

Major initiatives taken by the RECAL in the past include construction of buildings for a Middle School on the campus at a cost of Rs. 65 lakh, setting up of IoT (Internet of Things) Lab and SCIEnT (Student Centre for Innovation in Engineering and Technology) Lab for the benefit of students. Through RECAL Foundation, 69 scholarships worth Rs. 17.96 lakh were disbursed to students last academic year.

M. Manikandan, secretary, said RECAL had planned to conduct a Global Alumni Meet of NIT-Tiruchi in Chennai on January 4, 2020, with focus on entrepreneurship development and start-ups. The GAM would be attended by about 1,000 alumni from across the globe. Eminent alumni would be recognised for their contributions to academia, entrepreneurship and corporate initiatives.

NIT-T Director Mini Shaji Thomas has advocated formation of more chapters across the globe.


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