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PWD seeks more funds to strengthen Mukkombu bund

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TRICHY: The temporary bund, which has been constructed to plug the water flowing along the collapsed portion of the regulator built across Kollidam river in Mukkombu, needs to be strengthened, for which more funds have to be allotted by the government, the public works department (PWD) has said. This will ensure that the bund is strong enough to withstand the heavy flow of water during the ensuing monsoon season.
Already, Rs 95 lakh was allotted for the construction of the bund, which was not enough to strengthen it. PWD authorities are now preparing an estimation to get more funds required for the purpose.

Though the temporary bund was built using sandbags and casuarina logs and completed on September 7 by the district administration, the water leakage continues. However, PWD officials said the quantum of seepage was very minimal and moreover, that could not be averted.

Meanwhile, PWD authorities are keen on strengthening the temporary bund by increasing its height and width in such a way that the undercurrent during the heavy flow of water does not disturb the bund, they said.

“During monsoon – October and November, the water level will increase. Due to heavy flow, the undercurrent will definitely affect the temporary bund. That should be maintained on a daily basis until the new barrage across Kollidam is completed. For that, the required funds should be provided,” said T P Ganesan, executive engineer of PWD – river conservation.

However, there is no need to worry about the strength of the bund as it would withstand the heavy flow of water, he added.

When asked what would be the fund required over and above Rs 95 lakh announced by the chief minister, he said that is yet to be estimated.

It may be recalled that nine shutters among the 45 of the regulator built across the Kollidam river in Mukkombu in Trichy district were washed away on August 22. A heavy flow of water let into the Kollidam river through the barrage might have weakened the 182-year-old structure. Subsequently, the work of the construction of temporary bund commenced on August 24 and was completed September 7.

Meanwhile, a team of experts have commenced a soil test on Kollidam river bed where a new barrage would come up.


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