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Mukkombu park reopened for public use a month after barrage collapse

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Trichy: The district administration on Sunday reopened the leisure park near the Mukkombu barrage which has been closed for a month now after its collapse on August 22. Visitors are however not permitted near the barrage.

Stating that repair works on the damaged portion of the barrage were almost complete, sources said that minor works including monitoring the damaged shutters of Mukkombu barrage continue. Nine shutters of regulators across the Kollidam were damaged on August 22 owing to heavy water flow.

Though the district administration on September 7 maintained that the repair works were complete, workers are still being deployed to place sandbags for plugging the water discharge.

Temporary retaining walls have been raised in front of the damaged shutters with sandbags and large boulders. The district administration added that works to prepare a detailed project report (DPR) for a new barrage proposed at a cost of Rs 410 crore near the existing one has been expedited by senior PWD officials.


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