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Foodies have it good as leading food aggregator begins door-delivery service

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Uber Eats comes to Tiruchi; ropes in number of restaurant partners
Customer reach of several top-line restaurants and eateries in the city that have their own home-delivery systems in place is set to expand further with the presence of on-demand food delivery apps.

Uber Eats which made a recent entry has roped in a number of restaurant partners. There is expectation among foodies that Swiggy, Foodpanda and Zomato will follow suit.

The presence of food delivery apps makes possible delivery of choicest cuisines from preferred restaurants for foodies who prefer to dine in the cosy comfort of home. What's more, the food is brought piping hot. The apps display the menus of the restaurants nearby from where the travel time is less than half an hour.

For the customers, the apps save time. The waiting time for door-delivery does not matter much. In any case, customers visiting restaurants will have to wait after placing orders. There is cumulative time saving if the duration taken for travel is deducted, said a manager of a leading restaurant that has been roped in as partner by Uber Eats. “Ultimately, our business expands with the entry of online door-delivery players. There will be no dearth of visitors to top-notch restaurants on any given day. These apps, no doubt, expand the customer base,” Murugesan, Accounts Manager of Kannappa Restaurant, said.

These service providers also provide substantial employment. Food delivery partners are chosen on the basis of ownership of two-wheeler and smart phones.

Such a door-delivery service is not entirely new to Tiruchi. Feenix, a local player, has consolidated its presence in the 'app-based food delivery' space over the last two years. There are a couple of other players too with several restaurant partners notching up several hundreds of orders every month.

Partnership with these food aggregators is a win-win arrangement for leading restaurants, particularly those that have limited parking space and seating capacities.


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