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Varsity gears up for NAAC re-accreditation

A view of the Bharathidasan University in Tiruchi.B_VELANKANNI RAJ

With the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) allowing online submission of Self Study Report by the higher educational institutes round the year, the Bharathidasan University is gearing up to submit its proposal, seeking re-accreditation, in July or August.

Previously, the NAAC opened the window for online submission by educational institutions for accreditation just twice a year, forcing the institutions to wait for opening of the window. Considering the difficulties, it is said that the NAAC has cleared the bottlenecks and started receiving online submission any time.

It has brought a much needed relief to the Bharathidasan University, which is on its last leg of finalising the Self Study Report for submission. Seven committees constituted by Vice-Chancellor P. Manisankar, who is also the Chairman of Internal Quality Assurance Cell, to collect data and compilation, are believed to have been apprised of the need for accelerating the process so as to submit its proposal in July.

The committees, which have collected data on seven criteria such as curricular aspects, teaching, learning and evaluation, research, innovation and consultancy, infrastructural developments, student support services, governance and leadership, best practices, have almost completed the task on compilation of data. They have been advised to follow the higher educational institution manual and new guidelines on accreditation process.

Vice-Chancellor P. Manisankar told The Hindu that the University, which was re-accredited with 'A' grade by the NAAC in the previous cycle in 2013, had set a target to get A++ ranking this time. It had to score maximum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) on a four-point scale. Going by the existing strength on various components of seven criteria, it was certainly possible for the University to score maximum points.

He said that both teaching and non teaching staff members had been working well to prepare a flawless Self Study Report. More than 75% of works had been completed. Full fledged documents of academic and related activities would be generated shortly.

Checking, super checking and fine tuning of documents would be carried out subsequently.

Mr. Manisankar said that the proposal would possibly be submitted online in July. It had also begun works to showcase the infrastructure to NAAC team, which would visit after submission of formal proposal.


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