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Onion wholesale market at Ariyamangalam opens

A view of the onion market at Ariyamangalam in Tiruchi .M. MoorthyM_Moorthy

Wholesale onion traders of Gandhi Market, who have for decades been functioning on the road sides on the Sub Jail Road in the city, opened their own market complex at Ariyamangalam on Sunday.

The complex christened, Tiruchi All Perishables Commission Mandis Commercial Complex, would also accommodate a few traders in other vegetables and fruits besides the onion traders.

The move comes amidst efforts being taken by the district administration to shift the wholesale traders of the Gandhi Market to the Central Market for Vegetables, Flowers and Fruits built by the State at Kallikudi, off the Tiruchi-Madurai highway. Sections of the traders have been opposed to moving over to Kallikudi.

The market complex has been built at a site purchased by the Tiruchi Onion Commission Mandi Traders’ Association as early as 1991. However, the association began construction of the complex only about three years back. In fact, the association expedited the construction process after it became clear that they would have to move out as the market at Kallikudi was coming up. The complex has 90 shops and modern amenities including parking areas for lorries and visitors.

Association members indicated the onion traders would move over to the new market over the next few days.

The wholesale onion market in the city is a hub for Bellary and small onions trade in the region and caters to retail traders from Tiruchi and neighbouring districts. Over 75 shops are situated along the narrow Sub-Jail Road, which was opened for traffic in 2009 after being closed for several decades. The shifting of the shops is expected to ease traffic congestion on the Sub-Jail Road and the Vellamandi Road and Thanjavur Road intersections.

The complex was declared open by State Ministers Vellamandi N.Natarajan and S.Valarmathi in the presence of A.M.Vikramaraja and Ve.Govindarajalu, president and general secretary, respectively, of the Tamil Nadu Vanigar Sangankalin Peramaippu.

Meanwhile, the Federation of Consumer and Service Organisations has urged the city police to ensure that the lorries transporting goods and vehicles of visitors coming to the new commercial complex at Ariyamanglam were not parked on the narrow service lane leading to it. M. Sekaran, president of the federation, also urged the police to ensure that the lorries did not go in the wrong direction towards Ariyamangalam junction while returning from the complex. The vehicles should necessarily go up to Senthaneerpuram to take the U-turn and should not go on the wrong side in the service lane to avoid the detour, he said


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