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Civic body begins deepening Sathanur Sengulam

Corporation Commissioner N. Ravichandran inspecting the deepening of the Sathanur Sengulam near K. K. Nagar on Thursday.

The Tiruchi Corporation has begun deepening the Sathanur Sengulam near K. K. Nagar in the city in an attempt to conserve rain water and help improve the groundwater table in one of the dry areas of the city.

The tank situated in ward 38 in Golden Rock zone is situated beyond the Railway level crossing on the Sathanur Main Road.

Even at the height of summer, the tank holds some water thanks to the recent spell of rain. With the tank spread over a huge area of about 36 acres, Corporation officials hope that the deepening of the tank would lead to better water storage, which would be of a big help, especially in summer months.

Though the tank holds substantial quantity of rain water, it does not have proper bund and hence cannot hold much water, said an engineer of the Corporation. “The run off is more and hence there is a need to provide a bund. We are deepening the tank and using the excavated mud to create a bund,” he said.

Officials said improved water storage in the tank would help recharge the Nallkeni, an open well in Sathanur, which is used by the residents. Besides, it would help recharge the groundwater table considerably, they said.

The work, which began on Thursday, is expected to go on for about a month as the Corporation is executing the work using its own earthmover without any major financial allocation.

Corporation Commissioner-cum-Special Officer N. Ravichandran,accompanied by Assistant Executive Engineer Ravindran, inspected the work on Thursday.

He instructed the officials to plant tree saplings along the bund, which could be developed as a walkers track and opened for public use.


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