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Bramas touches Rs 200cr turnover, earns BHEL praise for supplies

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Bramas, a non-profit association which identifies and supplies raw materials for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) attached to BHELSIA (BHEL Small and Medium Industries Association), has attained a landmark by registering a turnover of Rs 200 crores in the financial year 2017-18. Bramas, which stands for BHELSIA Raw Material Industrial Service Association, addresses the heavy engineering and fabrication needs of Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.

The association’s expertise is expected to play a crucial role in supporting industries foraying into defence manufacturing through the proposed defence corridor comprising Trichy and four other cities. Till 2013, BHEL had been supplying raw materials to fabrication industries that were given orders for thermal power plant components outsourced by the Maharatna firm.
In late 2013, BHEL changed the policy and intimated MSMEs to source raw materials on their own for supplying the outsourced components. Subsequently, industries affiliated to BHELSIA floated Bramas, a dedicated body to source raw materials for manufacturing components for BHEL. Starting its operation with a meagre turnover of Rs 30 crore in 2013, Bramas achieved the Rs 200 crore turnover during 2017-18 by sourcing and supplying 50,000 MT of raw materials to the 275 MSMEs with BHELSIA.
“We managed to source quality raw materials including high carbon steel and alloys for affordable price. By doing so, operational cost and risk factor in sourcing raw materials for MSMEs in Trichy have come down,” S Selvam, board of director, Bramas told TOI.
Since BHEL is diversifying its presence beyond thermal power sector and with Trichy named in Union government’s defence corridor to promote and nurture defence manufacturers, Bramas said that its expertise in sourcing quality raw materials will aid MSMEs willing to participate in the corridor. “With our contacts spread across the country, we can surely support the raw material needs of MSMEs interested in the defence corridor and defence products manufacturing,” V Thiagarajan, chairman of Bramas, said. Commemorating the achievement of Bramas in supporting MSMEs and mutually benefiting from BHEL, R Rajamanohar, executive director of BHEL Trichy, distributed awards to key raw material suppliers and Bramas members at an event here on Monday.


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