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Speed up widening work on Melur Road, orders minister

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Tourism minister Vellamandi N Natarajan has ordered the speedy completion of the expansion work on Melur Road towards the butterfly conservatory in Srirangam. Despite the expansion work announced, at a cost of Rs 1.94 crore, over a year ago, no progress was made leading to traffic congestion in the already damaged approach road.

The minister called for a meeting of officials from the tourism department and Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation and stressed on the speedy completion of work on the stretch. He gave suggestions to the officials, pointing out the increase in footfall to the conservatory, which has transformed into an ideal tourist destination in Trichy city.

Large vehicles like buses cannot take the narrow 3.75 metres wide road. While it is proposed to widen the road to 5.5 metres, all along the 2.4 km long stretch, the PWD has called for tenders but the work is yet to start.
Apart from widening the Melur Road, another approach road is also being proposed from Mukkombu dam which will connect Karur Bypass Road with the butterfly conservatory. While accessibility has been a major issue to butterfly park over poor approach road, completion of both the work would further increase the footfall to the conservatory.

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