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Speed breakers in Trichy roads get new colour

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Literally, accessing city roads is going to be a new experience for road users as the Urban Local Body (ULB) has planned to pursue unconventional measure in refurbishing a few selective speed breakers. Unlike the conventional white and black alternate stripes, Trichy Corporation, reportedly for the first time in Tamil Nadu, has introduced white and red alternate stripes on a speed breaker here to make arterial road safer for pedestrians to cross Bharathidasan Salai.

As Bharathidasan Salai remains an arterial stretch dotted with government offices, hospitals and city police offices, speed breakers were available for a long time now close to the Trichy Corporation office. By slowing down the vehicles, the speed breaker has been allowing vehicles and also pedestrians to cross past the road for reaching ULB office. Meanwhile, the civic body as a part of revamping safety parameters of pedestrians crossing arterial road painted the speed breaker with white and red alternate stripes here on Wednesday.

The unconventional move touted to be executed for the first time in Tamil Nadu was based on a similar white and red alternate stripe model speed breakers available in Nagpur, Maharashtra. “Painting the speed breakers in white and red stripes was to differentiate speed breakers from zebra crossings. This move will certainly make vehicles to approach the stretch carefully. The attempt made at Bharathidasan Salai speed breaker was on an experimental basis,” a senior official with Trichy Corporation said. Road safety experts say that practice thus far was to paint the speed breakers only in white and black; alternate stripes sought the civic body to document the feedback from public.


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