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Poor enforcement of rules chokes one-way roads in Trichy

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A lack of rule enforcement and clear laxity on part of the police saw motorists blatantly flout the one-way traffic norms in city’s busy sections. And despite this creating hours of unnecessary snarl-ups in most parts of the city, the authorities are yet to act on the situation, adding to the already congested roads.
Built to regulate vehicular movements, one-ways could play a huge role in easing traffic jams if rules are properly followed. However, erring motorists coupled with absence of monitoring officials meant one-ways are doing more harm than good.
With drivers refusing to obey the rules despite seeing warnings on each one-way, a majority of these stretches fail to serve the purpose. With no policemen in sight, erring drivers of cars, autorickshaws, and two-wheelers create a bottleneck on the lane meant for unidirectional traffic.
The one-way stretch of McDonalds connecting central bus stand with SBI regional office was rarely manned. So is the case of lane on Williams road, branching off from Munneeswarar temple to the central bus stand gateway.
“A number of hotels, omnibus offices, and a mall are situated on the sides of Williams road. However, we rarely find a police officer regulating vehicular movements. Absence of police personnel is the key reason for such violation,” said S R Ganesan, a two-wheeler rider.

Thennur RoB connecting Madurai road with Thennur high road is a crucial link to Gandhi market and adjacent localities. Though a right turn was banned on the flyover for the vehicle coming from Thennur high road years ago, many violate the regulation in place.
The Quaide-Milleth road connecting Gandhi Market and Palakkarai also witnesses heavy traffic congestion, thanks to blatant flouting of norms. Besides, the city buses halting on the roads give a scant regards to trailing vehicles. Four-wheelers and three-wheelers violating the one-way rules while moving through Palakkarai road over bridge and Madurai road to Gandhi market add to the bottleneck.
Though all the one-ways have shelters for traffic police to monitor traffic, officers are rarely found in the area. When asked, traffic police said erring drivers are often penalized. They said that clear police supervision across one-ways will be attained gradually.
Punishment for entering one-way from wrong side: Under the provisions of section 177, Motor Vehicles Act 1988, traffic police said that drivers and riders entering one-way from wrong direction can be penalised for Rs 100.


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