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Indiscriminate growth of bushes chokes Koraiyar, Uyyakondan canal

Wild growth of bushes blocks the flow of water in the Koraiyar in Tiruchi.A. MuralitharanA_MURALITHARAN

The indiscriminate growth of bushes in the Koraiyar and Uyyakondan canal has raised concern among farmers.

A visit upstream of the aqueduct at the Puthur Weir revealed that the wild growth clogs the river course at various places. In some places, thorny bushes have grown for more than 10 feet, thereby completely encroaching the water course. Accumulation of silt has also played a role in choking the flow of water.

There is also sewage discharge at various places in the courses of Koraiyar and Uyyakondan and Kudamuriti canals. Though there is hardly any flow of water in Koraiyar, farmers feel that the indiscriminate growth of bushes would only divert the flow of water during rainy season. They point out that no effort has been taken by the PWD to remove the bushes even though the scheduled date of opening of Mettur reservoir is less than a month away (June 12).

“I have not come across any action to remove plants or work on carrying out desilting. The uncontrolled growth will affect the water flow to a great extent during the cropping season,” says P. Selvam, a farmer of Thayanur. Koundampatti R. Subramanian, deputy secretary, Cauvery Delta Farmers Welfare Association, said that Uyyakondan, Koraiyar and Kudamuriti played an important role in discharging excess water during floods. Several petitions had been sent to the State Government and the PWD authorities, seeking allocation of funds for carrying out desilting works. A scheme should be designed to remove the shrubs and desilting should be done before the start of cropping season, he said.


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