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Compost centres cut waste headed to dump yard by 49%

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Micro compost centres (MCCs), one of the flagship initiatives of Trichy City Corporation (TCC), have been serving their purpose effectively by reducing the amount of domestic and commercial waste heading to the civic body’s Ariyamangalam dump yard by an average 49 per cent every day.
Data accessed by TOI on the quantum of waste received by 25 MCCs and transported to the dump yard after processing shows that only 10 micro compost centres have been sending more than 50% of the waste it receive every day, thus calling for steps to improve the efficiency of MCCs and bring down the quantum of waste heading to the dump yard.

The civic body had launched a first-of-its-kind decentralised waste management system called micro compost centre at Pookollai in August 2016 and thereafter set up 25 more including the one inaugurated at Mavadikulam in Ponmalai zone on Thursday. The MCC which acts as a small dump yard would receive waste every day and segregate it as recyclable non-biodegradable, degradable and non-biodegradable. But unlike dump yards, the micro compost centre would prepare compost from degradable waste while recyclable non-biodegradable waste would be sold to scrap dealers for a price. The non-recyclable non-biodegradable waste would be sent to the dump yard. As on May 2, the 25 MCCs have effectively reduced the waste bound for the 47.5 acre Ariyamangalam dump yard by 49%. “Had the 25 micro compost centres not been established by now, at least 130 MT of waste would have been sent to the major dump yard at Ariyamangalam every day. With the MCCs in action, only 63.72 MT of waste is transported to Ariyamangalam, thus saving a lot of time and money for the civic body,” a senior official with Trichy corporation said.

Meanwhile, the data on waste handling activity of the 25 MCCs accessed by TOI found that around 13 MCCs have been sending less than 50 per cent of the waste it received to Ariyamangalam dump yard. “In the present financial year, out of the five MCCs planned, one has been established at Mavadikulam and four more will be opened shortly. The need to improve the efficiency of the existing MCCs will be discussed,” an official source added. Corporation sources said that more than Rs 1.5 crore was generated and shared among 20,000 sanitary workers by selling the recyclable waste to scrap dealers in the past one year. They added that more MCCs would be opened to further reduce the waste heading to Ariyamangalam dump yard.

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