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Breakthrough in acquiring defence land in Trichy to complete railway overbridge work

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The requirement of defence land to complete the long pending Trichy railway junction RoB (railway overbridge) in decongesting Trichy city is just a step away as the much needed breakthrough was made in acquiring the required defence land.
As the district administration’s plan to make monetary compensation towards defence ministry for the yet to be acquired land near Mannarpuram was turned down, district administration said equivalent portion of land as compensation was identified in Kancheepuram district for which the defence ministry has rendered its in-principle approval for land transfer.

As the delay in acquiring 0.66 acre of defence land to complete the Chennai arm of the Trichy Junction RoB was stalling the overall progress of the project in past two years, several requests were made to the defence ministry seeking the required piece of land. While district administration and state highways department had earlier planned to transfer the monetary value of 0.66 acre land estimated at Rs 5.77 crore, the move was dropped since defence ministry clarified that ceding defence land for monetary compensation was not in defence policy.
On March 16, 2018, when defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman was in Trichy for participating in defence corridor interaction, she was apprised about the situation and need for defence land to complete Trichy junction RoB project was discussed.

“Since defence ministry was not willing to give land on payment basis, action has been initiated to give compensatory land to defence. For the same purpose, land in Kancheepuram district was identified and proposed to defence ministry through state government,” district collector K Rajamani told TOI.
“In-principle approval was obtained for land transfer, and we can expect the works in Chennai arm of Trichy junction RoB to commence at the earliest,” he added.

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