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A potholed stretch of an otherwise good road

A view of the uneven stretch at Navalpattu in Tiruchi.M. SrinathM_SRINATH

The bus-route road linking Tiruverumbur town with the Suriyur Road to a stretch of about one kilometre abounds with pot holes, causing enormous difficulties to road users.
The condition of the stretch along an irrigation canal which is under the control of Public Works Department and has been in use for more than a decade continues to be in a pitiable state, local residents say.
Some attempts were understandably made by previous MLAs S. Senthil Kumar and K.N. Sekaran to set right the stretch with black-topping from their constituency development fund. But, the black-topping disappears within months of laying. The stretch, which is at a height warrants not only a strong layering, but also widening by a few feet on either sides, says Shanmugavelu, a social activist.
The local public have reportedly approached the present MLA Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi, who, in turn, has reached out to the City Corporation to do the needful, sources said.
The public emphasise that the road that is being optimally utilised for bus services to Ordnance Factory, Police Colony, Suriyur, and Heavy Alloy Penetrator Factory Township requires prime attention of the civic authorities.
"The lack of maintenance of the stretch is indeed glaring. Negotiating the stretch is a back-breaking exercise. But for the small stretch that remains a grey factor, the remaining stretch of six to seven kilometres leading to Ordnance Factory Estate and other localities in the surroundings have been laid strongly by the Highways Department. There is hope among the local residents that the City Corporation will look into the genuine requirement," Anbazhagan, Coordinator of Tiruverumbur Taluk Development Committee said.

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