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Roundabouts mere spectators of offence

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Roundabouts, an essential mechanism to streamline traffic flow at intersections, across the city are in total disarray and have failed to serve their purpose. While the roundabouts with clear road markings have faulty traffic signals, those having proper traffic signals have no road markings to streamline the vehicular movement.
The city, where most of the destinations can be reached within 7km radius, has several roundabouts where more than two arterial roads intersect. Commuting from the first major signal in the city from Head Post Office roundabout, passing through the district court traffic signal, MGR roundabout traffic signal, and Puthur junction traffic signal have something in common. The signals and roundabouts would have either faulty traffic lights or no road markings.
"Road markings crucial for the safety of pedestrians are missing even on the new roads. While the old roads, where the markings faded over a period of time, still await a fresh leash of life," Deepak Saravanan, resident, Kajamalai said. Owing to the absence of road markings such as ‘stop line’ and ‘pedestrian crossing’ at the District Court signal and Mutharaiyar statue signal, handful of offenders jumping signals go scot free as there are no mechanism to restrict traffic flow when the red light is on. If the absence of road markings were a concern in Puthur junction, Mutharaiyar statue, and Karur bypass road signals, irregular and absence of traffic signals at Major Saravanan roundabout and MGR roundabout put the entire roundabouts in quandary from solving their purposes.
Similarly, a new speed breaker installed on the McDonalds Road is yet to be given caution markings to intimate the presence of speed breaker to the commuters. Sources in Road Safety Council said that Trichy Corporation and stakeholders will be insisted to lay road markings at required places.


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