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Giving blue, green dustbins for waste management

Though there has been a marginal improvement regarding awareness of segregation of degradable and non-degradable waste at source among the citizens, a section of them continues to dispose household garbage without segregation in dustbins kept on the streets.

Lack of awareness, particularly among citizens living in urban slums, and monetary consideration with respect to buying blue and green dustbins are said to be the prime obstacles in penetrating the practice of source segregation among citizens. In order to overcome the obstacles, the Tiruchi City Corporation has embarked on a project to distribute each two dustbins to all households in the city by involving private individuals and companies operating in and around the city.

While green dustbins would be for keeping biodegradable waste, blue dustbins are for storing non degradable waste. As part of the initiative, the civic body has roped in the services of Tiruchi based Lion Dates company to sponsor dustbins for 10,000 households in 8th and 10th wards.

The company has purchased 20,000 green and blue plastic dustbins and these were handed over to the Corporation for distribution to the households.

The company has spent ?15 lakh as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Commissioner cum Special Officer N.


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